On Panel: Brownfield Conference in Philadelphia April 5

This should be interesting and with a great group. Come out if you are in the area! URL: http://www.brownfields2011.org/en/Session/1897?returnurl=%2fen%2fsessions Panelists: Michael Heimbinder, HabitatMap; Brooke Singer, Eyebeam Art + Technology; Douglas Paulson and Valeria Mogilevich, Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP) About the Panel: The French sociologist Henri LeFebvre wrote that urban space has a structure like […]

TCK’s I-Scream Demo, a big hit

We had loads of fun on Saturday in The Counter Kitchen for the second demo, I-Scream, with Mike Lee. He took us step-by-step through the ingredients in Bryer’s ice cream. When someone asked what’s up with the polysorbate80, Mike simply responded: “The ingredients in Bryer’s ice cream exist to make the shareholders happy.” Ah, huh? […]

TCK’s Devotion to Lotion Workshop

We just wrapped up the Devotion to Lotion workshop at Eyebeam with Rachel Winard of Soapwalla. It was awesome! She took apart the 23 ingredients in Johnson & Johnson baby lotion and rebuilt the pink potion way better and with way less ingredients. It’s so good you can eat it. More info will be up […]

TCK Workshops in March

The Counter Kitchen hosts two new workshops in March which promise to be fun, tasty, informative and messy. In the first one on March 12 we will reverse engineer (think: break down and rebuild) J&J Baby Lotion with the help of Soapwalla chef, Rachel Winard. The second one on March 19 will be all about […]