Eco News Ticker — LIVE!

I read a lot of environmental blogs and need help parsing through the info. But I also get awfully depressed once I come out the other end. So, the ECO NEWS TICKER keeps things balanced, the good and the bad in tandem. Because it does feel like the glass is half empty these days. URL: […]

TCK Pop-tarts

Jenna is cooking pop-tarts! I am so excited to taste them _tomorrow_. This recipe was inspired by the pesticides, petroleum and a lot of ??? in Kellog’s Strawberry Pop-TartsĀ®. Deconstruction by Hunter high, redesigned by TCK and next eating by you (if you visit our kitchen tomorrow at 1pm). More info about TCK pop-tarts, with […]

Superfund Photo Series Online (yes, finally!)

I have finally posted a few of my photographs from my ongoing Superfund series. I have been working on this for nearly two years now, so about time, I know. The initial image download may be slow — be patient. Will get the kinks worked out tomorrow hopefully. Oh, yeah, the URL: !!

This is it.

Where you will find news and upcoming events and other tidbits from me (Brooke Singer / aka admin). New Year’s Resolution 2011 = to not be such a delinquent regarding my website and cyber presence. Giving it a go, again.