On Panel: Brownfield Conference in Philadelphia April 5

This should be interesting and with a great group. Come out if you are in the area!

URL: http://www.brownfields2011.org/en/Session/1897?returnurl=%2fen%2fsessions

Panelists: Michael Heimbinder, HabitatMap; Brooke Singer, Eyebeam Art + Technology; Douglas Paulson and Valeria Mogilevich, Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP)

About the Panel: The French sociologist Henri LeFebvre wrote that urban space has a structure like that of a “flaky pastry,” wherein social spaces interpenetrate and superimpose themselves upon one another. Community mapping embraces the flaky pastry metaphor by representing spaces not as singularly defined locations but as places that are multiply reconstructed through the activities and personal narratives of the people who live in an area. During this panel, practitioners will discuss how community mapping projects can inform the brownfield redevelopment process by providing rich contextual information about particular sites and their relationship to the evolving sociality of the neighborhood.

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