El Ranchito Commission + Residency

Ricardo and I have been awarded a commission and residency from El Ranchito (a project of Matadero in Madrid) along with artist José Luis Aguilera and Beatriz Marcos. The artist-in-residence at El Ranchito is unique in that it is available for artists who do not reside in Madrid (whether Spanish or international) and come recommended […]

Photographing in New Mexico

This summer I am visiting several sites in western states (NM, CO, MT) with my large format camera as I continue production on my Superfund photo series. This past weekend I was in western NM — uranium country — and drove back through the most magnificent thunderstorm. How I love the sky and openness out […]

Net Works: Case Studies in Web Art & Design

This book comes out tomorrow: http://www.routledge.com/books/details/9780415882224/ I have a chapter in the Data Visualization section in which I go into great depth describing the building of my web app Superfund365. The contributor list is great. I have not reviewed the full text yet but eager to see it and use in the classroom! More info: […]

Brooke Singer + Postcommodity at SFAI

This exhibition opened on June 10th — so I am a bit late to post. But it remains up for another couple weeks for those in Santa Fe area. I have work from The Counter Kitchen (collaboration with Stefani Bardin) installed along with images from my Superfund photo series. Here is a link to SFAI.