Presented @ Earth Science Info Partners (ESIP) Today in Santa Fe

Today I presented my Superfund365 viz and photographs at the Earth Science Info Partners (ESIP) gathering in Santa Fe at the beautiful La Fonda Hotel. Met some interesting people from EPA, NASA, NOAA and more. Learned about semantic visualization and got some inside scoop about possible future EPA data sharing plans… I chalk that up as a good day! Thanks to Tim Dye for making it happen.

More about ESIP:
The Federation of Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP Federation) is a broad-based community comprising researchers and associated groups that produce, interpret and develop applications for Earth and environmental science data. By increasing the use, usability, and value of the world’s leading data and tools, the ESIP Federation paves the way for science data and information to be used by people concerned about the health of our planet.

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