Making Art With Food in Mind Panel at the Just Food Conference in NYC

ExcessNYC (Ricardo and I!) will participate in this panel on March 30th. Looking forward, the panelists look great.


With Food in Mind is thrilled to participate in the 2013 Just Food Conference. In our conference session, artists will offer practical advice on using food as medium or material when working to foster social change.

Attendees will hear from Atom Cianfarani, sustainable designer and co-author of A Roof Grows in Brooklyn: The Do-It-Yourself Green Roof Workbook; Jason Gaspar, multimedia artist and artist-in-residence at Wyckoff Farmhouse Museum; Lisa Gross, artist and chairman/founder of The Boston Tree Party; Tattfoo Tan, artist; and Brooke Singer & Ricardo Miranda Zuniga, collaborating artists on ExcessNYC. All of these artists are responding to the challenges and concerns of feeding populations sustainably by creating local, community-oriented, and aesthetically conscious models.

Making Art with Food in Mind will take place on Saturday, March 30 from 10:30am to 11:45am at the Food & Finance High School in New York City. Purchase tickets here.