Upcoming Talk & Rotoscoping Workshop @ Santa Fe Art Institute

Save the dates! Pass the word to art/environment/animation lovers in Santa Fe, NM, region. I am giving an artist talk on Friday, July 29, at 6pm in Tipton Hall on the campus of Santa Fe University of Art & Design. The following Sat & Sun, Ricardo and I will be leading a rotoscoping workshop. The fee is $150 for both days (what a deal!) but there is also a sliding scale policy if you need it (wow!).

See this post for more information on both: http://sfaiblog.org/2011/07/08/brooke-singer-ricardo-miranda-zuniga/

To sign up for the workshop, email Cathy Kosak (ckosak@sfai.org).

Example of Rotoscoping from Max Fleischer’s “Out Of The Inkwell”

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